January 4, 2012

Why might an older woman date a younger man?

An older woman dating younger men is not uncommon any more. In this day and age, many older women between the ages of 40 and 70 are dating men 10 years or younger. The sense of adventure having a younger companion is by far more drawing to an older woman who looks and feels sensational. Many women come back to the dating scene due to divorce and are seeking a younger companion to travel with and fun. Older women dating younger men have a far longer lifespan to share their wisdom and knowledge to educate a younger mate.

Attitudes towards older women dating younger men have changed over the years. When a woman is older she is usually financially stable and secure which a younger man finds attractive. The social standing and economic stability of an older woman dating younger man can provide their new mate with social status in the publics’ eye. The maturity level of an older woman dating younger man will provide new experiences and insight spending time with him to broaden his mind. Younger men want to explore and be spontaneous with their natural sense of adventure. Older women dating younger men in a casual relationship suit both parties pairing up for an exhilarating ride for indulgence.

For a woman who has already been married and is now divorced, a serious relationship is probably not what she is looking for. In turn, the older woman dating younger man will have no commitment barriers between them and they are both out to have a good time. Older women dating younger men have high energy levels to dance the night away. Letting the man enjoy the things in life he may not even know about will intrigue him wanting to know even more.

An older woman dating younger man should be aware of the mommy syndrome that many men are seeking. Helping him just like his mother would nurturing him, giving him spending money, moving in etc., are things to be aware of noticing the signs. An older woman who has already raised children does not need another child in their 20’s or 30’s who will never grow up. Young men enjoy the thrill of the chase and the hunt of pursuit and the conquest. Older women dating younger men posses an alluring aspect with experience a man will be searching to conquer. Whether casual fun or not, the expectations of splendor in the grass will be obtained in a fun and casual way.