November 28, 2011

Divorced Singles Online Dating Site – Niches are the way forward

An article in the Daily Telegraph today writes about the power of niche dating sites and cites the provider behind Divorced and Dating Club in the article.

The article comments that the internet dating industry is worth £2.5 billion worldwide, and, according to statistics, meeting online is now the third most popular way to find a partner.

But if you really know what you want and are after a particular type of person with a particular set of circumstances, the big general websites probably aren’t for you. Specialist sites such as the Divorced and Dating Club can connect you with only Divorced people. There are sites out there specialising in vegans, pagans, bald men, short women, wannabe Wags or triathletes – and only them….and so on.

This focused approach efficiently strips away the dross, ensuring you find only those that meet your strict criteria?

The article cites Mark Brooks, an internet dating consultant and the editor of the industry news website Online Personals Watch, says, ‘Many users are addicted to choice, and this has helped cause expectations to rise.’

The truth is, ‘People often don’t know what they really want. The more selective you are the less likely you are to be compatible on other levels.’

On the upside, he says, ‘Niche dating can get the toughest questions out of the way up front.’

The article shares the experiences of some people who’ve hooked up…one particular couple Lucy and Nick who met in February and are now engaged.

Lucy: I was very sceptical, but I thought, ‘I’m not getting any younger.’ I’m obsessed with chocolate-box villages and love going for long walks. I moved to the Peak District from London in 2005 and got involved with the Conservative Party and other local organisations but people were in cliques and it was hard to fit in. At my age you know what you’re looking for. It was important I met someone who hadn’t been married before. And I’m a big believer in private education. Nick emailed me. I saw that he loved rugby and shoots.He’s not the tall, dark and handsome type that I usually go for, but after the third date I knew he was wonderful: good fun, very considerate, caring and interested in all the things I love. What I saw was exactly what I got. He proposed on 2 July on the exact spot at the exact time that we met. It was so beautiful!

Nick: Lucy and I met for our first date on the steps of York Minster on a Sunday afternoon. We had a pub lunch and quickly found out we were very similar – silly things like she’d drawn a map of where to go and so had I. We went on another few dates and it became obvious that we wanted the same things out of our lives. Following our third date Lucy invited me over for a weekend. I was very attracted to her but it was when we went on a long walk that we really connected. And she cooked the most fantastic meal I have ever eaten: roast beef, perfectly cooked and cut.

Stories like this are not uncommon – if you know what you are looking for, you can find your perfect partner. If you are looking for a divorced singles online dating site, then try the Divorced and Dating Club – exclusively for Divorcees. 

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