January 14, 2012

Divorced, single and dating

Marriage is a significant and life changing experience. As human beings we spend a great deal of time searching for the person we plan to spend the rest of our life enjoying. No matter how quickly or how long it takes us to meet that person there are no guarantees of a successful marriage. When a marriage does not succeed the results can be life altering. Everything that was formed as a result of the marriage must be reevaluated. Even the people involved are no longer seen as “us and we” but as divorced and single. All parties involved must first accept the changes as they occur in the divorced and single stage. If there are children involved or financial considerations even those areas of a couple’s past life together will divide and restructure.

The divorced and single people will now have to decide what time frame is acceptable to heal and move on. How long is acceptable to see the dust as settled and move on from divorced and single to the divorced single and dating phase. No matter how long it takes eventually the majority of people usually get back on their horse and continue the journey to find their soul mate. Once the decision is made to move on from divorced and single to divorced single and dating a door opens and you may notice that all parties involved become more social. They may gravitate towards social events, social networking, community events and church activities in an effort to meet new people. They may also become closer to existing friends and family relying on their strength and wisdom for advice.

Divorced single and dating people may tend to be more cautious because of the recent loss and adjustment. Sometimes they may tend to be more experimental and may be seen as risk takers in an effort to avoid similiar or past mistakes. Divorced single and dating people make efforts in life that may afford them deeper understanding of their own individuality. This new approach to life and relationships may increase their chances of success when seeking someone to spend the rest of their life enjoying.

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