November 2, 2014

Divorce and Dating Club – How to Deal with Rejection in Online Dating

Online dating has its benefits and disadvantages. You are bound to encounter some problems when looking for a potential match. Realistically you will face rejection maybe a number of times. You need to know how to deal with it and move on for future successful dating. You should have a deeper understanding about rejection and how to manage your emotions.

When you have been trying to contact people on your online dating site and only had a few responses this can feel like rejection. You have to remember that this is okay. You may not be as successful at the start as you had first hoped but don’t let it affect your self-esteem. It can be that the person you messaged is currently offline, is out of town or is busy at work. If people do not message you back, do not take offence. It is still alright. Instead of focusing on feeling rejected, you can direct your attention on looking for other potential matches. Do not dwell on it, move on and you will soon find a positive result.

You may have established a good conversation with someone, but then they disappear. This is another level of disappointment so you must be careful in dealing with your emotions. When someone breaks off communication with you should recognize the signal they are sending and vice versa. The best approach to this kind of situation is to do your best to move on.

When it comes to online dating, breaking up is possible by sending a goodbye message through email. This is a common way to end online relationships and it is alright if the person makes an effort to break it off politely.

If someone has clearly rejected you online, you must stop all efforts in trying to talk to them or you could be blocked. Try not to take rejection too seriously and move on. There is someone out there who is compatible with you. Remember that the online community has lots of people looking for someone like you. You need to widen your search and be wise when choosing people. A rejection does not mean that you are doomed to face disappointments in the future. Always have a positive outlook on your dating venture and you will find genuine love soon enough.

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October 7, 2014

Divorce and Dating Club – The Senior Dating Scene

There are seniors that have the fear of returning to the dating scene. Even after making the first step you may experience a great amount of anxiety during the first few dates. It is important to adopt a different approach to resolve this issue so you too can enjoy dating again.

The reasons why some seniors find it hard to date are specific to being a senior. This should not stop you from getting to know someone better and create a successful and satisfying relationship. Some of these factors are:

Dating was different in the past. Often it is the case that older people met their partners early in their lives and didn’t date many people. This can make interacting with someone new or getting to know a stranger daunting. It can be difficult to know how to socialise with others and make it hard to consider someone as a potential partner.

Seniors who have been in a loving relationship for a long time may also think twice in finding someone new because it may make them feel unfaithful. However, if you really want to move on and be happy again, you should give yourself a chance to experience love once again. A loved one would want their living spouse to be happy after they were gone.

Some seniors are also worried about being judged by others. However, if your family really loves you, they will be supportive on whatever makes you happy even if it includes dating again.

Older people think twice when it comes to dating again due to the thought that it is already too late to find someone new and love again. Remember that in love, age does not matter. All are given an equal chance to love and find a perfect match. It is all up to you on how to make it happen. Dating in your senior years is more meaningful and exciting. A new dating experience will provide a more positive outlook on life. It is important to have companionship during the later years. You still need to take some time to focus on making new friends. Do not hurry and you will find that long-lasting relationship in no time. Do not forget to have fun and to be positive in your dating venture. Be open to possibilities and do not stop giving yourself a chance to be happy. It is natural for you to start a new relationship whatever your age.

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September 9, 2014

Divorce and Dating Club – Exclusive Online Dating Services for Seniors

The popular way to date in the modern world is through online dating. Many of the online dating sites throughout the internet offer exclusive services for seniors who are looking for partners and companionship. Some of these sites provide their services for free while others require a minimum amount of money for you to join as a member. Today, the number of interested senior singles joining these online dating sites is still increasing. Feedback tells us that online dating is the new way to find a special someone. It increases the possibility of finding a person who can be your perfect match, based on qualities and interests.  You should be careful and take time to consider some important things first before jumping in and joining an online dating site to avoid getting yourself into trouble. You have to keep in mind that many people out there make seniors a target for scams. Being cautious will make sure that you can experience the best of dating online and enjoy its benefits.

Just like other dating sites senior online dating services are increasing their member population. It is a great opportunity to meet someone as there are so many choices. However, you need to have a good sense of judgment and listen to your instincts to enjoy the advantages of online dating. What are the things to look out for when joining an online dating site?

Initially you need to look for sites that are well established and have a good reputation and satisfied members. There are a lot of online dating sites and you need to pick the best to suit your needs. You need to join a site that is able to provide a good amount of safety and security for its members. For instance, an online dating site should properly screen the people who wish to join to avoid individuals with bad intentions or records. The sites’ features should include protection of members’ privacy so that no one will be able to view your personal information. An online dating site should be easy to navigate and make your search for a potential partner beneficial.

You also need to protect yourself properly to experience the advantage of online dating. Learn how to judge whether something is true or not, be wary of trusting people right away and stay away from people with bad intentions to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime.

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August 7, 2014

Divorce and Dating Club – How to Date with Success

Some seniors think that dating is a challenge and only for young singles. It is common to think that the odds are against you when it comes to dating because of your age.    .

Look at these benefits of dating during your senior years:

Better understanding of yourself. You have matured into a better person during your senior years. You already have a clear awareness of yourself as a whole, including your emotions. You know what qualities you are looking for in a partner and from a relationship. Age in dating is considered an asset rather than a disadvantage. You are experienced and can make informed decisions and will choose the most compatible person to be your partner. Having a deeper understanding of yourself leads to more successful relationships in the future.

Best matches. In looking for a partner, it is necessary to determine potential matches. This way, you can avoid getting yourself in complicated situations and experience heartache. On the other hand, being a senior and having experience of being in relationships, you can determine right away if the person is worth your time and if their feelings are really genuine. You are also able to look at the person’s attitude and character and you can trust your instincts better.

What’s essential in life. As you reach your senior years, you now have a better understanding of what really matters in life. You know that a genuine and long-term relationship is more important than the material things you have. You understand that a relationship should consist of two individuals who love each other unconditionally who work together as a team to achieve goals.

Create realistic goals. Dating involves creating goals and expectations. If you are not careful, this may lead to disappointments. Have realistic goals to make it more successful. Your experience makes you less prone to making the same mistakes again. You know that patience and contentment is important in building long-lasting relationships.

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July 20, 2014

Someone special who I can share that with

BOO, if your not married can be yourself,your honest have respect for women oh and don’t think am soft then your half way ther/Ask me anything you like except bust size (Big Mistake) oh vies versa ( I don’t wanna no the size of yours either) if your looking for somthing diffrent and ready for another life’s challenge then you’ve met her

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July 17, 2014

Someone with whom I can share the day to day turmoils

I’m a sucker for quirky films – David Lynch, Tim Burton & Lars Von Trier are my fave directors. Also love a good supernatural horror.I love fast cars but don’t own one … yet! I’m a slightly reformed goth, so the majority of my clothes are black. I’m not as angsty as I was in my teens and there is not one bit of pasty white make up in sight. While I like the aesthetic, I’d like to think I’m more stylish these days.W I’m probably the most down to earth, normal person there is. I much prefer substance over fluff.On weekends, down time is important so enjoy relaxing and unwinding. Going to the beach is always great & love a sleep in when they can happen.I live on my own with my two dogs, who are my world.My friends would say I’m funny, ambitious, driven, caring, thoughtful, & nurturing but doesn’t suffer fools easily.I’m upfront, know what I like & clear on how I’m going to get there. There’s never a dull moment when I’m around. I’m looking for someone to laugh with, spend time with & to likes to enjoy the ride.

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July 14, 2014

Find ambitious same minded partner

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m creative, fun, deep, caring & independent. I guess I’m better experienced then explained?
Love art house films, good docos, art exhibitions, fab restaurants, a good drop of red & Hendricks.
Music is a big part of my life – it’s always on & can’t live without it. I’m really proud of my iTunes collection & am always on the look out for new acts & artists.While I’m a rubbish cook, I make up for it with a sparkling clean kitchen afterwards. Also, I’m great at finding great restaurants & bars.

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July 11, 2014

Someone who have a bit of humility and compassion

I enjoy a night out in a bar not so much into clubs these days, but do enjoy a dance every now and then! Enjoy evenings in just as much with a nice meal or a take away and a film.

Looking for someone who is kind and honest, to get to know and see where it goes!

And I also make a great carrot cake! :-)

if you want to know more and to have a chat and see where it goes, send me a message.

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July 8, 2014

Someone who thinks that we might have a spark

I’m a happy, caring and easy going person!

Enjoy going out with friends, love sunny days, trips to the seaside for fish & chips, eating out, good chat over a bottle of wine, holidays (not enough of those recently!), cooking and generally having fun and looking for someone to share those things with.

My friends and my family mean a lot to me, and try to see them as much as I can.

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July 6, 2014

Divorce and Dating Club – Date Again Through Online Dating

Single seniors can easily start dating again using online sites. It is a way to catch up on the dating scene and to meet individuals who might be compatible. It’s so convenient you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. The traditional way of dating and meeting someone new in person are all part of the past. Today, you can choose an easier way to meet new people and enjoy other benefits. You can take your time in getting to know someone at your own pace.

Online dating allows you to take your time and not to worry about being in a relationship right away. If your partner is ill or recently passed away, you can take time to heal and talk with someone online. You do not have to hurry and take things too fast and give out personal information to get to the next level of dating. The best thing about online dating is enjoying getting to know the other person just by having conversations and talking whenever you want to. Online dating is great for seniors who are still facing the fear of going outside to date. If you do not have enough confidence to meet people in person, you can give yourself a chance through online dating. You can develop your social skills again while making light conversations. You can work on your confidence and increase your chance to date successfully again. There are many benefits to dating online. You do not feel shy when having a conversation with someone on email and instant messages. You can decide if you want to do video or voice calls. This way, it is more comfortable sharing more about yourself online than doing it in person. It is good preparation before finally meeting each other offline.

There are several online dating sites that are dedicated for single seniors that will give you a greater chance to meet other seniors similar to you. These online sites provide services for people all over the world so you can meet different kinds of people and discover new things.

Do be careful and cautious of online frauds. People can lie or abuse your trust and innocence. Be safe, secure and remember that online dating is for everyone to enjoy.

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